Tips to Get Back to it After Fourth of July Celebrations!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. Aren’t we blessed to be living in a country where we are free! Thank you to all of our past, present and future service members who fought for us and who continue to protect our freedoms!

So besides celebrating our freedom, we also usually enjoy our friends and family, games and water balloon fights, and BBQ cookouts. I know that our family had a great time doing all of these things!

I was very pleased to note the healthier (among the not as healthy, but well loved) menu options. In addition to the sour cream green onion dip with potato chips, there were fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, hummus, and an altered green onion dip made with greek yogurt on the appetizer menu. On the dinner menu, there were black bean/quinoa burgers and grilled veggies in addition to the hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans. And for dessert, there was the option of fruit with angel food cake topped with vanilla drizzle in addition to the chocolate covered ice cream cones and ice cream. While I did provide some of these healthier options, I didn’t provide all and I love my family even more for trying to incorporate healthier options into our traditional holiday meals!

So if you weren’t able to incorporate healthier options into your festivities, what can you do to get back to it after some celebrating and indulging? Or are you wondering how to be healthy. Maybe you have to get back to it after just a day, maybe a few months, maybe years…See below for some “Get Back to it” tips that have helped me regroup when I have indulged:

1. Drop the guilt. The next day is a fresh start. Don’t spend any time feeling bad about what you did or saying, “I shouldn’t have eaten that dessert. I shouldn’t have had that drink.” We are human. I am human (shhhh…don’t tell, but I ate the dessert). It’s okay. Move on.
2. Plan your menus. Get right back on track by planning and prepping a week of healthy meals. Then when that week is up, plan the next week. And so on! Having a plan makes you more prepared for your next move.
3. Wake up and get in your next workout. Maybe you skipped your workout on the 4th because you were preparing, cooking, cleaning, whatever. Get up the next day and get your workout in. If you had a hard time getting up, do it now, do it tonight. JUST DO IT!
4. Revisit your goals. This is an easy one to forget. But, remember what your goals are. Remember why you want to be healthy. Write your goals down. Share them with your Facebook friends and with someone you love and that will keep you accountable.
5. Speaking of accountability. Find an accountability partner. It is likely that someone else is ready to get back to it too!

Contact me if you would like some accountability. I start new, private Challenge/Accountability Groups each month. Are you ready to get back to it? Are you ready for some fitness and nutrition accountability and motivation? Are you or are you not living healthy? Click here.