Keep moving….it doesn’t happen overnight! Tips to make exercise a habit.

Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.
~Chinese Proverb

Fitness habits do no happen overnight. From what I have read it can be anywhere from two weeks to two months.

So with that being said, it can be a slow process. One that requires us to keep moving and stick to the plan. Below are some exercise tips that you can try to help make exercise a habit in your healthy life.

1. Just do it.
Give it 5 minutes….start whatever “it” is (walking, class at the gym, in-home workout) and give it five minutes. After you are five minutes in, you will feel better and will be motivated to finish! This is one of the reasons I believe in exercise programs I can do at home. It’s easy to start that five minutes with out having to “get ready” to go to the gym or go where ever you will do your exercise.

2. Make it a priority.
This means it is not something that is negotiable. I believe in thinking of it as if it was a doctor appointment. (Hey, it will probably prevent you from having to have doctor appointments later in life.)

3. Make it the first thing you do each day.
For me, if I don’t do my exercise first thing in the morning, it is the first thing that gets pushed aside when other things come up later in the day or when I am too tired later in the evening.

4. Have an accountability partner.
It can be a spouse (if they will hold you to it), a friend, a colleague or maybe a child. Ask this person to hold you to your goals-exercise, nutrition, etc. Report in to them (and maybe it is mutual). Let it be okay for them to call you out if you haven’t reported. Knowing that someone is watching will keep you motivated. Do you need accountability? Contact me.

5. Keep track of your workouts and your progress.
I use the Team Beachbody Online Super Gym. I schedule my workouts and workout “live” online. Then I can go back and see my progress. To get access to the online Super Gym, you must be a Team Beachbody Member-either Free or Club. Click here to join.

6. Use a variety of exercise styles.
Keep from getting bored by using a variety of workouts-cardio class (TurboFireINSANITY), resistance training (ChaLEAN ExtremeP90X), yoga, martial arts (Tai Cheng). hiking, biking, swimming, etc. Find a few things you like and then rotate to keep away boredom.

7. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep and are eating healthy.
What does this have to do with creating an exercise habit, you may be wondering. Well, if you don’t get enough sleep and aren’t eating healthy meals, then you probably will not have enough energy to exercise. Shakeology is what I use to make sure I am getting all of my nutrition and for a boost of energy (all natural, no caffeine).

Contact me to help you select a fitness program or to find out more about my next Challenge/Accountability group. For the best deal, check out the Challenge Pack which includes a fitness program and Shakeology.