Interview for #lifewithboys

robin bonswor fitness logo interview


First blog interview. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited and feeling very blessed.

I was asked to do an interview for a for a boymom blog (Thank you Tiffany and Lyndee at ‪#‎lifewithboys‬)…..It was out of my comfort zone, but I’m working harder this year to SAY YES to opportunities that come my way!

So just thought I would share! Here’s a bit and follow the link for the full interview.

Robin Bonswor is the owner of Robin Bonswor Fitness. She developed a program for busy moms that want to find balance between getting themselves back and having a sense of self and raising happy, healthy families. Her program is designed for women who are short on time and have gotten into the habit of putting everyone and everything else first. It addresses the need for women to know that they are better wives, mothers, and friends when they take care of themselves and can balance the many hats that they wear. Robin’s message hits a personal tone for me. I recently got the chance to ask her a few questions .

Full interview here.