Happy Group

Happy GroupThe Happy Group is based on the Gretchen Rubin book, the Happiness Project! I’m so excited to be leading the group with some of my friends who also want to just live life to it’s fullest!

This is a 14-day group based on the book THE HAPPINESS PROJECT!

You don’t need the book (unless you want it), I’ll be providing the guided study for you. All you need to bring is the desire to be HAPPY or HAPPIER. Life can be hard and it can be distracting. This group is all about bringing us back to the center and regaining that joy!

Don’t think this group is for people who aren’t happy. We can all live better and happier right? Don’t join tho if you are perfect! 😉 We are all only perfect on Facebook, right?

It’ll be a fun 14 days where we dig deeper into ourselves!