Four Things a Healthy Breakfast Can Do For You

I posted this picture on my Facebook Page of yesterday’s healthy breakfast and I thought I would share here as well and talk about the importance of eating breakfast.

Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind containing doughnuts) can help give you:

  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels
    ( source:


So, what are the ingredients of a healthy breakfast? Whole grains, lean protein and fruits/vegetables for the fiber! See below for some of my favorite options

  • Whole Grains-good sources of whole grains are: whole grain cold cereal, hot cereal such as oatmeal, and whole grain bread
  • Lean Protein-eggs, Canadien bacon, and low fat/fat free cottage cheese or yogurt
  • Fruits and Vegetables-some of my favorites in the morning are any berries and mango; spinach and tomato (as you can see from the picture).

Now, as a busy mom, I know that there usually isn’t time to whip up a hot healthy breakfast like in the picture above. My usual go to healthy breakfast is a Shakeology shake.  This is my breakfast on the go! I can blend it up in about a minute before I walk out the door to run my kids to school or their various summer activities.

I love this quick, healthy option first of all because I blend it up as I am running out the door and I can sip on it all morning as I drive around. It is completely portable. After blending it, I pour it into a 24 oz shaker cup and I am on my way. The other reason I love it is that there are four base flavor options (Chocolate, Greenberry, Vegan Tropical Strawberry and Vegan Chocolate) with countless add-ins to make many recipe options.

Share your favorite healthy breakfast option in the comments or on my Facebook page. For more information on this meal or healthy breakfast options, feel free to contact me or click here for information on Shakeology. If you are interested in trying Shakeology, CLICK HERE.

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