Beachbody Ultimate Reset – Journal Day 22

It’s my first day after completing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and I am thrilled. What an absolutely amazing healthy detox experience of strength, self-control and self-love. Read on to find out my final weight, measurements and cholesterol tests.

What I am still truly amazed about is how easy it is to cook and eat clean (including vegetarian and vegan). There is a lot of prep, but over time this gets easier and quicker. The recipes in the Reset are so tasty and easy to introduce to my family.

Sweet Potato and Garlic Vegetables

Microgreen Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing

I stayed full, much to my surprise. There were only three times that I felt hunger. The first time I just decided to go to bed to avoid the pangs and avoid cheating. The other two times I brushed my teeth and powered through it.

I am truly proud to say that I never cheated!! I proved to myself that I do have the self-control even when those around me were eating food other than Reset meals. When I refer to self-love above it is because of the self-love (and of course my love for my family) that I want to be the healthiest I can be. This is one step closer.

I’m a gal that enjoys a glass (or two) of wine. I went the entire 21 days of the Reset without a glass of wine. I didn’t even have a craving for it…very surprised.

I want to reiterate, if you haven’t heard me say it before, I did not have any expectation that I would lose weight or inches. That is not why I decided to do the Ultimate Reset. I decided to do the Ultimate Reset to get rid of the years of toxins built up in my body.

My final results:

WEIGHT                   112.6           103

WAIST                       28.5“            27”
HIPS                           34.25“          33.25”
L THIGH                   21.25“          20”
R THIGH                   21“               19.5”

TOTAL CHOL           136                120
TRIGLYC                   53                  49
HDL                             74                  63
LDL                              51                  47

I’m thrilled that my cholesterol levels have improved. You may notice that my HDL (good cholesterol) went down too. Getting a balance of healthy fats is a challenge for vegetarian and vegan styles. I will get this number back up with Omega-3 supplements, which I took pre-Reset, and adding flax seed, chia seed and more pumpkin and sunflower seeds to my diet.

Will I remain vegan? No. I plan to reintroduce yogurt, eggs and possibly cheese. Will I remain vegetarian? At this point, that is my plan. I don’t know if that is long term. Right now, I feel like it is where I want to be, but I am not making that a strict commitment. I will more likely be flexitarian. A flexitarian is a term used to describe a person who is mostly vegetarian, only occasionally eating meat.

I highly recommend this 21 day Ultimate Reset. Mostly to bring you back to your “factory settings” and rid your body of toxins, but also to prove you can do it and create for yourself  new healthy habits and habits you can bring to your friends and family. Contact me for more information. I can put you in a small, private accountability group.