9 Early Riser Tips

Not an early riser, but wish you were? Think it seems so easy for others to get up and go in the morning? Wonder if you could get more done if you woke up earlier? Here are 9 early riser tips.

Check out my 9 early riser tips below.

wake up early

9 Early Rise Tips

  1. Start small – small tweaks in heading to bed earlier help you become well rested and able to get up earlier.
  2. Put the alarm out of reach – physically getting up will help you awaken instead of hitting snooze and falling right back to sleep.
  3. Light up your life – open curtains and blinds or go out in the natural light to help combat the morning brain fog.
  4. Morning reward – plan something to look forward to each morning (for me a workout 🙂 ).
  5. Bring on some caffeine – it boosts your mood, spikes your energy and helps you focus.
  6. Fuel the body – even a light bite each morning keeps your body clock on track and ultimately the body clock is what will help you rise and shine.
  7. Dimmer down – just like the natural light of the morning helps  you wake up, dimming lights and turning off screens before sleep raise melatonin levels to help you sleep.
  8. Just say no – while alcohol may make you feel sleepy, you actually don’t stay asleep or sleep as soundly.
  9. Develop a routine – some good options are meditation, yoga, bath, low-light reading.

AND – stick to it. Deciding after two days it’s too hard, hasn’t given you enough time to succeed. These 9 early rise tips and your commitment should have you on the early rise band wagon in no time.

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