21 Day Fix

21 Day FIX Fitness and Nutrition Program

Simple Fitness. Simple Eating. Fast Results. The 21 Day Fix takes the guesswork out of weight loss.

With the infinite amounts of information coming our way from media, friends and not to mention the internet, knowing what to eat, when to eat it,  and how much of it to eat for weight loss or even just our optimal body performance can be mind boggling. Well, guess what? No more guessing. The 21 day fix provides a simple, portion control eating plan (with colorful containers for even more ease) that you can stick with!

Also included with the 21 Day Fix are SIMPLE 30-minute workouts done 7 days a week!! No workout excuses with them only taking 30 minutes!!!

What is 21 Day Fix? The 21 Day Fix program takes the guesswork out of weight loss. It’s a unique portion-control system combined with easy-to-follow workouts that fit into anyone’s busy schedule. Trainer Autumn Calabrese shares her passion for food and fitness as she shows you how to make simple choices that add up to life-changing results.


Who Should buy the program? Everyone can do 21 Day Fix and get great results. Each workout has a modifier to show easier moves. The test groups included fit people as well as people with 100+ pounds to lose, to be sure that anyone could be successful with this program.

These results are real, attainable, and happen in JUST 21 days!

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 So you are ready to join the Challenge and get your own real results….here’s what you do.

1. Please make sure that I am your Team Beachbody Coach. *If we are not click here to sign up with me as your free coach.
2. Order your Challenge Pack.
3. Click here and add me as a friend on Facebook. *This is a requirement as I will be providing my coaching, support and accountability through a private Facebook Group.
4. Get ready to follow the guides and see your results.

What is a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack?

    • The seven 21 Day Fix workouts on 2 DVDs
      • Dirty 30 workout
      • Total Body Cardio Fix
      • Upper Fix
      • Lower Fix
      • Pilates Fix
      • Cardio Fix
      • Yoga Fix
    • 21 Day Fix Nutrition Guide
    • 30 Bulk Bag servings or 24 Single serving packet (your preference) of Shakeology (you choose the flavor)
    • 7 Color Coded portion control containers
    • Shakeology Shaker Cup
    • 30 day Beachbody Club Membership
    • Free Shipping
    • Guaranteed access into my online accountability Group
    • My personal help as your coach

Your investment for the
21 Day Fix Challenge Pack is $160


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